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August 26, 2019Episode 52 - September 20th, coordinates of Cairo, Inside, Borderlands 2, South Park 2, Count Facula, other things Trump wants to buy, in my society the government would take care of the environment, A Time To Joke, Woodstock trivia, interesting pizzeria names, The O.A., Sex Education, Maniac, not everyone can be your friend.
DaHSE52.mp3 (1:12:40)
Episode 51 drops when Area 51 gets stormed
September 13, 2018Episode 50 - ISS mystery hole, snail fact, Slinkies, ventriloquists or barristers, Dangerous Wager, Disenchanted, Kath and Kim, Ozark, Space Force facts, modern flat Earth societies, new CNE foods, Woody Allen trivia, rather see in the dark or see things far away, A Time to Joke, write things down.
DaHSE50.mp3 (1:06:33)
June 15, 2018Episode 49 - Michael Rotondo, "The Outsider" by Stephen King, BattleTech, Pixel Buds, crocodiles living forever, naturopath reviews, porn parody titles, rather host a game show or late night talk show, A Time To Joke, "Love, Simon", top Roseanne Barr facts.
DaHSE49.mp3 (1:08:29)
May 28, 2018Episode 48 - Steam, INFRA, Quern, rather be 450 lbs and get $45M or not, funny public office nominee names, Mark Zuckerberg apologies, Black Panther, a time to joke, proposals to reduce gun homicides.
DaHSE48.mp3 (58:30)
April 30, 2018Episode 47 - TheShensk, North Korea, rather walk on the moon or moon Trump, The Story of Your Life and Others, Psychic Challenge, first animal in space, Magic: The Gathering, Scrabble, crazy booze names, NYC pizza toppings, Manosphere terms, a time to joke, top reasons to visit Toronto.
DaHSE47.mp3 (1:02:00)
April 24, 2018Episode 46 - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George, The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood, Oxenfree, Transistor, Fortnite,, A Time to Joke, Australian place names, Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life, rather get $5 or get $20 M but be weak to sunlight, rather have consciousness moved to a computer or be frozen with periods of activity, top Star Wars Episode 9 names, Dangerous Wager.
DaHSE46.mp3 (1:01:20)
March 20, 2018Episode 45 - Podcast audio, rather be able to throw your voice or toggle lights with your mind, rather work for Trump or the FBI, Kellogg's, top Stephen Hawking trivia, that's incredible, funnily translated film titles, Toys 'R Us, three jokes, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest Builders, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Amazfit Bip smartwatch, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
DaHSE45.mp3 (1:11:38)
March 12, 2018Episode 44 - Improved audio, HTC Vive VR experience, improving the show, top Doug Ford campaign promises, rather receive $1M or read a cat's mind, rather drive for Uber or move to another country, Tomb Raider, The Painscreek Killings, The Fidelio Incident, Kim Jong Un quotes, films with the most Oscar nominations, Neuro Connect clip scam, let other drivers merge, consider subscribing to a newspaper.
DaHSE44.mp3 (1:08:13)
February 21, 2018Episode 43 - Special guest Dylon ("Catching Up"), rather have no internet or no sight, rather have one arm or be deaf, Jigsaw, Bladerunner 2049, The Name of the Game is Kidnapping, Kitchen Confidential, Black Panther, weird technologies, Marvel characters, Steamworld Dig 2, Bayonetta, Slay the Spire, Psychic Challenge, top Solo trivia.
DaHSE43.mp3 (1:11:23)
November 3, 2017Episode 42 - Bibble-babble, catch-up news, acronyms, rather take sleeping pill or alertness pill, @techoglot tweet, trending Hallowe'en costumes, George Lucas trivia, hanging out with the cast of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, hate street cleaners again, study on people believing in conspiracy theories to satisfy their need to be different, Mad Max video game, Super Mario Odyssey, UnEpic, Divinity: Original Sin 2.
DaHSE42.mp3 (1:00:26)
December 6, 2015Episode 41 - Albert Einstein trivia, Garage Band difficulties, why no episodes, TAM 13, seeing Star Wars in Connecticut, directions to take the show, porn search terms, worst song titles, plea for feedback.
DaHSE41.mp3 (40:41)
October 10, 2014Episode 40 - Forty; JFL42 (Wanda Sykes); Rob Ford; bear-related life-hacks; mathematician joke; another joke; BoJack Horseman; worst sequel names; outdated slang for sex; @avalkauskas tweet; iPhone 6+; Hammerwatch; rather see through walls or read women's thoughts; rather sleep 2 days a week or 3 months a year; reading magazines on iPad; Brian Dunning in jail; Star Realms app; the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.
DaHSE40.mp3 (1:02:23)
July 15, 2014Episode 39 - Rob Ford, skateboarding. More Muppet names, Joey Chestnut's other eating records. Blind prostitutes joke. @Michael_Erhart tweet. Silkwood, The Martian, Hiding in the Mirror. Hearthstone. Rather take a 25-year trip to Mars or have body's aging reversed 4 years. Rather a zombie apocalypse or world war 3 and you're conscripted as a soldier. Famous Robs quote. Dangerous Wager -- denominators. New World Cup penalty cards. Outwitters, 10 Pin Shuffle. "Foodiot"., Death Note. Use flushable wet wipes. Hate people who unnecessarily use automatic doors. Columbus never reached mainland USA. The Killing (2011). Soup for breakfast. Beware of looking for goals.
DaHSE39.mp3 (1:13:22)
June 12, 2014Episode 38 - No improvements, no feedback, Rob Ford, Muppet names, chat-bot names, rather turn invisible for 20s at a time or be able to jump over houses, rather learn a new language or get a one-month vacation, in my society public washrooms can unlock adjacent stalls for $30, surprise revelations from WWDC 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Inside Llewyn Davis, Django Unchained, @DaggerByte tweet, hate Hwan's broken iPhone 4, hate billboard trucks, bear and rabbit joke, Pebble update, Watchdogs, trying a new smartphone, ethylene glycol is in anti-freeze, live long and prosper but always protest the prospect of a prostitute hitting your prostate with a prosthetic, don't be afraid to ask dumb questions.
DaHSE38.mp3 (1:01:29)
May 18, 2014Episode 37 - Lack of feedback, Hwan too meek, Tim Hortons 50th anniversary, Star Wars EP 4, alcohol does not kill brain cells, jester joke, @BrianLynch tweet, Salvation of a Saint, signs that spring has sprung, other titles considered for Golden Girls, rather be blind to genital and breast nudity or live on a vegan, alcohol-less diet, Pebble smartwatch, Instapaper, nothing is original except for urinals. rating the show.
DaHSE37.mp3 (1:06:36)
February 6, 2012Mucking About #2 - Hearthstone, Ottawa, chocolate Death Star, Ottawa Skepticamp, Les Suites Hotel, Ottawa is ok for a day.
April 23, 2014Episode 36 - Dedication to R. Watson, Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, no improvements, raven facts, female inventors, female wheelchair participants in the Boston Marathon, How Tweet It Is (@causticbob), condescending joke, things we learned about NYC, Robert DeNiro quote, "conflict of Pinterest", "tell a pigeon", hate mixing up Wikipedia and Expedia, rather morph head or body, rather have Wolverine's claws or $850k, NECSS -- Stimulus/Response, private SGU recording, Drinking Skeptically, Porter Airlines, open a cats and dogs wedding company, be willing to hear what other people have to say.
DaHSE36.mp3 (1:05:18)
April 2, 2014Episode 35 - Sponsoring ourselves, improving the show, Earth Hour, Star Trek captains, classic novels, Olympic games budgets, Twinkie ingredients, Elder Scrolls Online, poo joke, hate people complaining about World's Biggest Bookstore closing, "Mr. Gobbles", Facebook buys Oculus Rift, Albert Einstein, rather have head turned around or an extra leg, rather have 49 nipples or 2" longer earlobes, if you don't have an actual parting thought don't just make one up, avoid using loaded terms in your arguments.
DaHSE35.mp3 (1:03:25)
March 23, 2014Episode 34 - Smartfood Sweet & Salty, prostitute and Jew joke, Unnecessary Donation, Cosmos trivia, Psychic Challenge, rather save a child or give 500 paraplegics full-body functionality, children vs adults dying, rather play random mobile games or previewing new shows, rotten Rotten Tomatoes films, Sears trivia, use Imagus instead of Hover Zoom, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Thief 4, "Putin on the blitz", "playing sh*t-splash", consider the system not the mistake.
DaHSE34.mp3 (1:14:31)
February 3, 2014Episode 33 - Pocky, revamping the show, cats, Gravity, little known facts about Rob Ford, The Old Man and the Wasteland, Chinese zodiac animals, foods containing GMOs, rather get money but risk losing limbs or get a subscription to Wired, rather see what other people see or see their future, Psychic Challenge, A Time To Joke, How Tweet It Is (@WendyMolyneux), Celebrity Quote: Old Man edition, "bejekylled", Ibero-America presidents' names, Path of Exile, nerd phone syndrome, "Give people the benefit of the doubt".
DaHSE33.mp3 (1:06:19)
January 13, 2014Episode 32 - Ice storm, top New Year's resolutions, Psychic Challenge, A Time to Joke, word definitions, most watched TV finales, "Smiles McNally", "Lordyloo", rather train in MMA or in a monastery, rather double-sized hands or quadruple-sized feet, Hearthstone, Tomb Raider, Tennessee, Golden Girls, Tokyo Godfathers, Sycamore Row, How Tweet It Is (@thatbilloakley), Silvia Browne, start something new this year, take a moment to be glad to be alive.
DaHSE32.mp3 (1:06:50)
November 18, 2013Episode 31 - Final Jeopardy quandary, Psychic Challenge, The Onion headlines, porn star names, worst named jam products, rather see smells or have odorless farts, rather be able to breathe underwater or not get hurt when falling, A Time To Joke, The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes, How Tweet It Is (@porkbeard), should we be doing more skepticism, "alive and linking", "scraping the bottom of the Ferrell", Celebrity Quote, wind turbines, hate those who have a problem with people who wear socks with sandals, entering product keys, love the Moto X, "Part your hair in the middle on weekdays, and on the side on weekends", "Try volunteering".
DaHSE31.mp3 (1:11:33)
October 23, 2013Episode 30 - Mobile keyboards, rejected ChristianMingle names, Psychic Challenge, hate the name ChristianMingle, hate people who cross the street into traffic, cars are not owned by individuals in my society, foods that contain vitamin A, popular girl names, rather be charged with terrorism or murder, rather extend lifetime by being 40 for 15 years or being 75 for 50 years, Celebrity Quote, "tweety tweety bang bang", "analsplosion", GTA V, The Stanley Parable, Gone Home, Statue of Liberty height, can marijuana cure cancer, always buy $0.99 apps if you're close to buying them, don't allow your anger to manifest.
DaHSE30.mp3 (1:10:31)
October 9, 2013Episode 29 - Microphones redux, Psychic Challenge, Three Kings (7,8), Pacific Rim (-,3), Silver Linings Playbook (3,), Canadian Nuit Blanche cities, Peru facts, rather know when you'll die or when others will, rather have breasts and read quickly or smell bad and have a beautiful singing voice, "butt bubble", Dangerous Wager, skateboarding, pursue projects that use your best skills, A Time to Joke.
DaHSE29.mp3 (1:06:49)
October 7, 2013Episode 28 - Microphones, JFL42 (Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron, Andy Kindler), Psychic Challenge, Listener Mail, best selling albums, top company brands, skeptical podcasts, rather float down than levitate objects, A Time to Joke, GTA V, "recertain", gossip is anecdotal evidence
DaHSE28.mp3 (1:05:38)
September 20, 2013Episode 27 - Heart Attack, doesn't add salt, McAfee's most dangerous celebrity searches, starfish trivia, rather post personal message publicly or personal photo publicly, rather have a thumb and five fingers per hand or be normal, "funscreen", "Hwandice", Hover Zoom, A Time to Joke, Tasker, Countdown City, Dangerous Wager, don't put off today what you can put off tomorrow, caution is the path to mediocrity
DaHSE27.mp3 (1:06:55)
September 13, 2013Episode 26 - Canadian trivia, Psychic Challenge, smartphone names, Rob Ford quotes, more public seating, wonder if being distracted by background sound is disadvantageous, Celebrity Quotes: bald edition, beetle species count, rather ads played audibly or visually on your smartphone, rather go back in time or get cash, hate new definition of "literally", hate not remembering, hate preserving historic landmarks, A Time to Joke, "It's hotter than a witch's mustache", "You're one of the men", over-tip, think about the things you got done.
DaHSE26.mp3 (1:05:01)
September 9, 2013Episode 25 - Listener mail, "cakeblock", Syria, funny MLB player names, rather improve your mood or your memory, rather reincarnate as a goose or a dog, Dangerous Wager, use an electric toothbrush, "The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature", "Niceville", hate poker players who stack chips before betting, a blackberry joke, see ya later schmucks, make a note on ideas as soon as they come to you.
DaHSE25.mp3 (1:02:36)
August 22, 2013Episode 24 - Celebrity quotes, "How to Date a White Woman", Egypt trivia, top magazines in USA, pun joke, rather drive a streetcar or taxi, rather be Prime Minister or Apple CEO, Psychic Challenge, can't make new friends, Louis, "upping the panty", separate paid bathrooms in my society, GMOs, how to improve TDAHS, "Cuckoo's Calling" by Robert Galbraith, respect your elders, take the option to try something new.
DaHSE24.mp3 (1:05:45)
August 13, 2013Episode 23 - Rather replace body with a robotic one or be plugged into a simulated universe, Psychic Challenge, top technology billionaires, top toad trivia, A Time to Joke, hint on handwashing, hate Hwan's Facebook posts, Swan Song: Visit Korea, wager on Canadian city populations, Daniel Silva's The English Girl, can Dave turn off smell, a bird in the hand, "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
DaHSE23.mp3 (53:30)
August 7, 2013Episode 22 - The Left Hand of Darkness, The Stench of Honolulu, Psychic Challenge, 4chan forum names, Coeliac disease, A time to joke, The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM) 2013, "Paying the horny hermit", "Pulling an all-fighter", Celebrity Quote - atheists, Dangerous Wager - brassieres, rather an app that controlled how drunk you felt or an app that controlled how tired you felt, rather have no kids or a 75% of having your child born quadriplegic, am I the only one who examines the reactions of other people to a speaker.
DaHSE22.mp3 (1:13:35)
July 7, 2013Episode 21 - 4D movies, countries which Snowden applied for asylum with, species names, "thorn-gamed", rather not have internet or A/C, rather be 20 ft tall or have left arm and penis switched, Psychic Challenge, clean public bathrooms are a priority in my society, A Time to Joke, Dangerous Wager (Smarties, Eiffel Tower, Canadian quarter), want to learn Korean, hate not hating anything, Celebrity Quote -- women with one name, hate unnecessarily loud vehicles, too many games, Ender's Game film, NiLS Android notification screen, Candy Crush, breatharian on Be Reasonable, Red Sparrow.
DaHSE21.mp3 (1:02:10)
May 11, 2013Episode 20 - Dangerous Wager of Arrested Development crew, Celebrity Quote, hate websites that autoplay hidden videos with audio, Psychic Challenge, rather jump from the C.N. Tower or drive off the Scarborough Bluffs, rather be blind or deaf and have no arms, Mars One colony project facts, rejected New Zealand baby names, "flustrated", "chanker", YouTube thumbnails show thumbs up/down ratio in my society, Nerd Alert: HTC One, Skeptical Topic Blabber: cupping, Skeptical Topic Blabber: Sylvia Browne, Bookie Look: NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, A Time To Joke, you can wear the same shirt multiple days in a row.
DaHSE20.mp3 (1:19:05)
April 28, 2013Episode 19 - Guest host: Ryan, on location in Niagara Falls, Ebert's top films of 1999, worst hotel names, top U.S. street names, Psychic Challenge, rather have someone else's taste or smell, rather 10 years into the past or 100 into the future, rather have two penises or one foot, remember Automan, a time to joke, tipping is unnecessary in my society, free public transit in my society, channels cost $1 in my society, Fever Dream, The Righteous Mind, Alone Against the Arctic, Celebrity Quote, Dangerous Wager - Lotto Max, live every day like its today, we live in an Age of Confirmation.
DaHSE19.mp3 (1:00:20)
March 31, 2013Episode 18 - Psychic Challenge, top Roman Catholic countries, Crayola crayon names, shout-outs, rather have mood light or nosebleed when pleased, Three Cool Facts about elephants, Remember The Time when newspaper comics were funny, A Time To Joke, Dangerous Wager, Celebrity Quote -- Burt Wonderstone, "cuntiferous", "applicious", Am I The Only One who feels a buzzing sensation, Skeptico and materialism, impress Dracula with a fungus that kills garlic, KeePass, some smart-phones are too big to comfortably use, walking on escalators makes you live longer, when you get angry wait a few seconds before expressing it.
DaHSE18.mp3 (1:08:50)
March 13, 2013Episode 17 - Rum ball, Psychic Challenge, countries by firearm death rate, unfortunate names, rather $1 per fart, tweeted or $10 per 30 minutes of bathing, rather live normally or live much longer isolated from people, The Blind Watchmaker, The Legend of Broken, incentives to stratify working hours to decrease traffic issues, McDonald's BBQ sauce is free when forgoing ketchup, Bond quote, Bond actor salaries, "Broski Beat", "snubblies", TAM 2013, impress Dracula with a blood fountain, Google Glass app that shows people's blood types, Thermodo, work towards goals in small manageable steps.
DaHSE17.mp3 (1:05:55)
December 5, 2012Episode 16 - Psychic Challenge, words added to 2007 M-W dictionary, Windows 8 quirks, "Death on a High Floor", hate that companies still charge for SMS, hate cutesy campaigns, hate no returns on headphones, rather live in a glass house or a house full of webcams, rather pee through nipples or have sweaty arms, Celebrity Quote: Tom Edition, Dangerous Wager: Multiplication, people would welcome criticism in my society, adjacent toilets would lock in my society, ISUCKBLD, switching from iOS to Android, "penguin pounder", pseudo-science testing center, can't use reason to persuade people out of an opinion they didn't reach reasonably.
DaHSE16.mp3 (1:02:50)
October 29, 2012Episode 15 - Quotes from Clint Eastwood, Red Bull Stratos, hate good tasting food being bad for you, hate computers/smart phones becoming less responsive over time, hate Zombie Walk, rather eat two old sneakers over a year than one in a sitting, rather lose a leg over an arm, Chain Reaction (broken, r-, t-, out), why walking through a doorway makes you forget, Philip K. Dick trivia, wonder why responsible adults drink too much, FTL, don't take it personally.
DaHSE15.mp3 (1:07:55)
July 30, 2012Episode 14 - Composition of Mars' atmosphere, cracked LinkedIn passwords, "Kinesio" tape/Olympics rage, Legend of Grimrock, CS:GO, Portal 2, Celebrity Quote, "Doozy of a Howser, M.D.", "legitimate wank", third sentence of "War and Peace", rather say "Meep" for two weeks or French kiss three dogs, hate sour candy, impress Dracula with a pool of your blood, e-mails cost money to send in my society, resolve not to lie.
DaHSE14.mp3 (1:01:30)
May 24, 2012Episode 13 - Roomba Deluxe, carrier pigeons, Psychic Challenge, Oryx and Crake, The Wind Through The Keyhole, "fontfacelift", "rubetube", stricter vehicle noise level laws, single shopping queue law, doing Betty White versus being temporarily blind, free food versus not having to eat, impress Dracula with, Celebrity Quote, total assets of Sears.
DaHSE13.mp3 (1:00:40)
February 24, 2012Episode 12 - Psychic challenge, Blackberry's Playbook 2, sleight-of-hand move names, Hwan's chip bag into a bowl trick,, "crackne", "prejaundice", shooting locations for "King Kong", taxi's will be smaller in Hwan's society, no dress codes in David's society, hate the iPhone keyboard,, impress Dracula with blood-type tracking app/game, Heartland Institute, give coconut another chance.
DaHSE12.mp3 (1:00:30)
February 5, 2012Mucking About #1 - Jim Gaffigan, point out people who reserve tables before ordering, Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith, get a bird, applied kinesiology, hate drivers who get trapped in an intersection, top ranked USA websites.
January 27, 2012Episode 11 - New intro, future talk, death, mad cow disease, porn magazine names, rather front of the line or kick out strangers, rather breathe under water or need only 4 hours sleep, Celebrity Quote, Dangerous Wager, Psychic Challenge, cars have bells and horns, "lemoncholy", murder weapon drop-off centers, hate analog watches, hate doofus voice, Jim Gaffigan, we are all mammals.
DaHSE11.mp3 (59:55)
January 13, 2012Episode 10 - Animals not native to Hawaii, top nouns in the Bible, "Hwanning", "proto-human", rather know when and what people think of you or discern when people are lying, rather spend six months in the desert or the arctic, tell us about Hawaii, Psychic Challenge, Celebrity Quote, Dangerous Wager, hate lyrics websites, hate hating lyrics websites, hate people who block escalators, buildings include WiFi, malls have lanes, impress Dracula with juggling bats, The Old Republic, Mistakes Were Made, don't feel like you need to take a shower every day.
DaHSE10.mp3 (1:01:35)
December 13, 2011Episode 9 - Christmas special, anniversary gifts by year, countries where Christmas is not official, 1Q84, The Blank Slate, Sowden Softbrew, nutritional content on menus, hate accidental file dragging, hate loud movies in theaters, "It's Luba Goy time!", rather receive gifts from strangers or cancel Christmas, rather sing O Canada or stare at a naked mannequin, Stockhold, Psychic Challenge.
DaHSE9.mp3 (1:03:00)
November 18, 2011Episode 8 - Podcast editing, new $100 bill, before and after band names, Psychic Challenge, monkey or dove, 1:100 of $5000 or 1:1000 of $500000, CMAJ and alt-med, Power Balance, Philip K. Dick, "11/22/63", "Schindler's snatch", Garfield on the NYT best sellers list, "Wherever I go, there I am.", "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."
DaHSE8.mp3 (1:03:50)
October 30, 2011Episode 7 - Recap, books with "boobs" in the title, traditional Halloween treats, trip to Mars or have no partners, no hearing or no nose, near death experiences, undescribe, holy moley gadoly, Mistakes Were Made, The Summer of Night, daylight saving time, jaywalking, a minute with D&H.
DaHSE7.mp3 (56:05)
October 20, 2011Episode 6 - Shafia family and Sharia Law, Australian roller coasters, fluoridation, psychic challenge, "Putting a dozen mushrooms in a burning haystack", "Link Wait Time", A Time To Hate dropping my keys, no white lies.
DaHSE6.mp3 (54:45)
October 16, 2011Episode 5 - German McDonald's slogans, long movie titles, Would You Rather, Take Back The Night, YouTube comments, iOS5, 3DTV, random driving tests, Health Canada cellphone advisory.
DaHSE5.mp3 (56:14)
October 4, 2011Episode 4 - Spooky dreams, Fakey 5 (retired?), How to Impress Dracula (retired?), Dangerous Wager, Morton Downey Jr., various other janky segments, Hockey Team predictions (retired).
DaHSE4.mp3 (58:53)
September 24, 2011Episode 3 - Listener feedback, Fakey 5, How to Impress Dracula, tryout of new segments, Nerd Alert! that runs too long, SGU 24, Sarah Mayhew.
DaHSE3.mp3 (56:50)
September 20, 2011Episode 2 - New intro, logically-technical headphones, Fakey 5, discussion of possible podcast segments, acupuncture story, constant apologies.
DaHSE2.mp3 (1:01:42)
September 16, 2011Episode 1 - General rambling, pick the fake game (2 rounds), parting words of widsom.
DaHSE1.mp3 (23:23)
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